La MER Foundation

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Since a few years the participation of the government in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports is limited to the evaluation of EIA's and the subsequent provision of licenses for sand mining activities. It became clear that the commercial sand miners themselves should ensure the impact on the environment.

To avoid every individual sand miner having to carry out an EIA report, some companies in the sand mining branch took the initiative to develop a generic EIA for sand mining. The activities were established in a foundation named La MER.
To avoid overlap in the licenses the EIA reports were developed together with the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management (RWS). La MER developed an EIA report for the commercial sand mining activities and in parallel RWS developed an EIA report for beach nourishments. Both EIA reports were completed in 2008 and approved by the authorities.

For both EIA's a monitoring and evaluation program was agreed to fill in the existing gaps in knowledge in the effects of sand mining on the surrounding ecosystems. Since the monitoring and evaluation program of both EIA's seem to be largely overlapping, an agreement was signed between La MER and RWS for joint research activities.

The board of the foundation consists of representatives of the participants. Johan Spaansen is chairman and Huibert van Driel is appointed project manager.

The income of La Mer is raised by the members by means of guarantees, entry fee, annual fee and a charge per m3 based on the quantity in the license.

The secretariat is headed by the 'Dutch Assocation of Dredging Contractors, Bezuidenhoutseweg 12, 2594 AV, The Hague, The Netherlands, which is also the business address of La MER foundation.